Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Holograf Comes to Iasi

Last weekend there was a music festival in Iasi. I shouldn't really call it a music festival. It was primarily a beer festival, with a little bit of music on the side. Big Timisoreana banners everywhere you look. Seriously, click on the link because there is a hilarious ad for the beer when you open the page. Ohhhh Romania. But I heard about it, and just thought (in my best British inflection- yes, I can THINK in a British inflection), Oh My Word! I Must Go! So who did I ask but my favorite partner in adventures but beautiful British Becky! We showed up to the culture palace around 8pm and were greeted with this scene:

Pretty cool huh? Masses of people out for a unseasonably pleasant and cool evening of music, mici (minced meat rolls that you eat with mustard), beer, and kurtos (a lovely Hungarian dessert of fried doughy sugary yummyness). Did I mention that the beer was 2.5 lei (~75 cents) for a cup? Because I think I should mention the awesomeness of that fact. Below you can see me enjoying the former two in the first picture and Becky and I enjoying the latter two in the second picture. Don't worry, Becky and I were sharing the beers and mici.

The opening band for the evening made me want to crawl into a hole and die with their "singing" that was more like screeching, so I did not happen to note their name. I hope to never have to hear them again. But. The headliner was quite good, and apparently quite famous. Holograf. I don't actually know if this is a good comparison or not, but I'm going to make it anyway and surely the Romanians who like comment anonymously on my entries informing me how wrong I am about everything will correct me. Based on what I saw and a few people I've asked who know American music as well, I think Holograf is like the Bruce Springsteen of Romania. Classic catchy tunes, been around for awhile, appealing to a broad demographic. But like I said, this may not be the best comparison, but it's better than nothing. Some of their famous songs are Dragostea Mea (My Love; the link is to a live version which would give you a feel for their concerts), and Ti-am Dat Un Inel (I Gave You a Ring; an older song, with the music video, another interesting look into culture). Quite catchy songs, really, and as we waited in line for an hour to get the kurtos (yes, totally worth it), we just listened and watched all the Romanians bopping and swaying to the tunes:.

I sincerely and truly wish I could have been up close to get a picture of the lead singer, who was- no lie- wearing a Nickelback T-shirt. Priceless. But alas, it shall only live on in my memory. Gosh I love living in Romania.

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