Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from Romania!

I'm staying with Dave and Erin and the kids for they days around Christmas. It's been such a joy to be with a family, with my friends, and just share the joy of Christmas with two children. I'm seeing Christmas afresh, through their eyes. I was awakened this morning by little Marit with a sweet little MERRY CHRISTMAS LIZ! She came in and snuggled with me for a bit as I woke up. Zeke bounded in with all of his 5 year old excitement. Marit looked at me and said, "Zekey was the first one up this morning." To which Zeke replied, in complete seriousness, "Yes Marit, but I was not the first person up in the world. God was up before me." You could say that.

Such a treat and joy to watch children open presents- their anticipation and pure excitement are wonderful. Erin's family tradition is cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, so we're waiting for them as we listen to a children's choir (Libera) and play with the kid's new toys. It's my first Christmas away from my biological family, but I am thankful for this family, half-way around the world.

Merry Christmas to one and all!


Ioana said...

Merry Christmas!I'm glad I've discovered this blog.Sarbatori fericite!

Liz Spangler said...

Glad to have you reading! Are you a student in Iasi? Working here? Maybe you've figured this out from reading, but I help with an english-speaking church in the city for all the internationals here (and romanians who want to come). You're welcome to come check it out, we meet on sundays at 5 behind the dorms in Tudor, right behind Hotel T22. And you can see EVERY week more events like "africa night" cause it's full of africans! Creciun Fericit!

Ioana said...

Thank you for the invitation but I'm kind of new in town and I don't know that area very well.And I do study in Iasi at umf(I know you're familiar with that!)