Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Photos Around Iasi: Gypsies

There are many gypsies in Iasi, and you can spot them from far away because of their neon colored clothing. At least with women. The men are a bit harder to spot, and you don't see them out very often. It's also quite hard to photograph gypsies, mostly because they don't like to be photographed, so you have to be super discreet. I could write several entries about gypsies, how Romanian's view generally strongly dislike them, how some are super rich and some are super poor, and some of the nuances around the whole situation, but I will not right now. I just want to share this photo I was able to get a few months ago of a gypsy woman and three gypsy men. I hope someday to get a good one of a bunch of women all in bright clothing. We shall see.


Ioana said...

Oh no!Romanians don't dislike them, they hate them!

Liz Spangler said...

I was trying to be generous, lest someone comment that "hate" is a strong word. But yes, I do often gather that 'hate' would, unfortunately, be the best word used to describe (many) Romanian's feelings towards gypsies.