Monday, January 18, 2010


thinking you’re biting into a (chocolate covered) carmel and finding it’s actually an unidentifiable and mysterious nougat filling
cracking open a peanut and finding it empty
getting really excited to watch your latest NetFlix film, only to find they sent the wrong movie
Netflix sending the right DVD but its damaged and therefore unwatchable
 the potato to air ratio inside bags of chips
your favorite menu item is all sold out
getting 10 pieces of snail-mail and all 10 are bills or junk
Tiger Woods
flat soda
thinking you’ll have a snow day and only getting a 2-hour delay
cloudy days at the beach
spending an hour to curl your hair and then walking outside into a wall of humidity only to have it all come undone
going to a Broadway show and an understudy is in for the Tony-winning lead actor
90% of March Madness brackets
American "news" programs
wearing new white pants and spilling red wine on them
burnt cookies
pistachios that have no slit
american airlines (all of them)
ordering a steak medium and having it come well done
Windows Vista

How about you, what would you add to a "disappointing" list?

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shizulee said...

learning that the whole of the previous semester, which was spent painstakingly studying pharmacology, may have been a wasted A.