Monday, April 19, 2010

Lots of People Stranded Lots of Places

In case you've been hiding under a rock somewhere and haven't heard, there was a volcano in Iceland that started erupting last week, spitting ash all over the lovely continent of Europe. You can see it from the ground (well, unless you're in Iceland I suppose). But apparently you wouldn't want to be flying through it. So. Much world travel has screeched to a grinding halt. You have to think that everyone knows someone whose travel was affected. Maybe not everyone everyone, but I'd think at least most Americans and Europeans. And strangely it was THE week for travel amongst people I know. The following is my list of friends stranded:

My teammate stranded in France after a pastor's conference
Our guest speaker from Sierra Leone stranded in London on his way home
Another teammate's parents stranded in Rome on their way to visit Iasi
A friend from NYC stranded in Madrid en route to a vacation in Italy
A friend from Iasi stranded in Atlanta after visiting family there

And that's just immediate people I know. I can't imagine the millions of people on high school trips, business trips, vacations, and every crazy thing in between. I'm always up for a good adventure, and I will admit I'm slightly jealous of all of the scenarios above. FORCED to hang out in France, London, Rome, Madrid, or Atlanta? Not too shabby. But I know there are considerably less desirable situations than these, and I suppose even Madrid isn't so wonderful if you want to be in Tuscany. But alas. Hopefully this "act of God" (the official airline jargon) gets itself worked out soon enough. And all of our loved ones will come flying on home.


Michelle said...

wow. who's stuck in Rome?

Becky said...

I spoke to a couple last night who were forced to spend a whole extra week in Goa. Gutting!!!