Saturday, January 02, 2010

Book Review: 3 Crucial Questions About Spiritual Warfare by Clinton Arnold

I never thought much about spiritual warfare when I lived in America. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t exist there, because it does. As a Christian, I believe in both the physical and spiritual realms, that there is a spiritual battle going on for souls, and that the devil and demons are as real as God and angels. In America this isn’t discussed much, if ever. But now that I’m living and working amongst predominantly non-Western cultures, there’s just much more awareness/openness/manifestation of the more- how shall I say- overtly demonic. So I wanted to read up on it. This book asks three questions: What is Spiritual Warfare? Can a Christian be Demon-Possessed? Are we Called to Engage Territorial Spirits? And it answers them all in a very balanced, articulate, and informative way. Particularly when there are so many WHACK books out there, this is not a minor statement. Arnold also gives extensive references for further study. It’s an easy and short read, particularly if you skim the last section, which is definitely less important. If you’re interested in the topic of spiritual warfare, I believe this gives a Biblical, balanced viewpoint on the key topics therein. 

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