Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Changing Book Review Format

I've decided I want to change the format of how I post my book reviews on my site. While I kind of want them on the side panel, I don't know that there is a way to do so and archive them as "posts" in any way. And because I'd like people to be able to read the book reviews for more than the 10-15 days I leave any individual one on the side panel, I'm going to start writing them as posts. I may also backfill the reviews for what I've read starting in 2010. So those of you that subscribe to my posts, get ready for a flurry of updates!

Update: I also just spoke with one of my most avid readers (ahem), who informed me that since she uses googlereader, she never actually comes to the website. And googlereader only updates with posts, not side panel awesomeness. So all this time she has only been receiving a percentage of the goodness available on my site. So to the MASSES of people out there using googlereader to read my blog (riiight), you will now be able to enjoy the fullness of Spangles.

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