Friday, June 11, 2010

Book Review: A Severe Mercy by Christian Vanauken

This book is incredible! It is the autobiographical story of a friendship and love built by the author and his wife. They meet in their college years just before WWII and decide to make their love something that will last forever and take precedence above anything in their lives. They work to communicate in an entirely transparent way and share in life so fully and richly that nothing can draw them apart. It is truly a beautiful love. 

After the war they move to Oxford to study; there they meet many Christians, including C.S. Lewis. Though neither are Christians they decide to investigate Christianity and determine whether or not it is true. Though the back panel of the book does reveal quite a bit about the story (as does Vanauken very early in the book), I won’t say anymore about the plot. I will say that there are a dozen or so letters from Lewis in the book, and I found them particularly interesting, thoughtful, and insightful. I know so many people who deeply love this book, and now I understand why. I laughed out loud while reading it; I cried in public while reading it. I couldn’t put it down. It’s incredibly well-written, incredibly truthful, and simply an amazing story. 

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