Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Green. In a Manner of Speaking.

For this next year I was contemplating moving to a different apartment to change things up a bit. But then I decided I could just stay in the same place and give it a little makeover, which might satisfy my desire for change. Indeed. My primary goal was to give the kitchen a little overhaul, since the paint was pretty splattered and gross. And yellow. Which is not so much on the top of my Preferred Colors List. And since I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, I want it to be a really fun and fabulous place to be. As I do. 

After some consideration and consultation of People Who Know about this realm of life, I decided on green and blue. Though until I actually painted, I wasn't sure whether walls would be green and there would be blue accents around the apartment or vice versa. As I do. But in the end I think it turned out pretty darn fun and fabulous. I have a few more things I'd like to do, but this gives a good sense of where it was and what it's looking like now.
Before (though not TRULY before, because the microwave used to be on the counter with several other appliances and the shelf above the oven had stuff on it, as below)

After (though I intend to get a light blue floor covering to replace the orange/brown thing)


I also decided that I wanted to paint the "gate" door, which is the entrance I use to get up to my apartment. The first floor of the house is where the church meets, and I have a separate second floor entrance to my apartment that I get to via this gate. It's pretty much old and terrible, and in theory it will be replaced, but in actuality it just remains. So. Even though my paint was interior paint, I thought I would just do it up. It's pretty out of the ordinary for Romania, but I don't really care, because when it's brutally cold in winter, this will definitely put a smile on my face.

The gate- Before

The gate- After

For a little bit more perspective...

Like I mentioned, I wanted to have some "accents" around the apartment to carry my color scheme throughout. I painted several things blue including the flower pot below and the shelf above the stove, which is hard to see in the pic above. I also painted two 'alcoves' in my living room green. I like it. 

I definitely didn't do this all on my own, and I'm very thankful for several friends who spent a few nights hanging out at my place painting. Many hands definitely makes for light work. 

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