Monday, September 27, 2010

Postcard Palooza

Every summer for the past 7 years I have sent out an email to several hundred of my closest friends requesting postcards. Loads of people travel in the summer, and it's an easy, cheap, portable request. And since I collect postcards, it's a great way to enhance my collection. Many people know I collect postcards, so I do get a fair number of postcards throughout the entire year, but the summer is always a postcard palooza. People really stepped it up this year, perhaps because I specifically requested "unique" and "unusual" postcards. I mean, I'm happy to have a 9th postcard of the Eiffel Tower, but if you're going to Paris, why not send a postcard of a fat funny Frenchman in a fedora eating fromage? Indeed.

So now that summer is over and winter has arrived because someone decided Fall was unnecessary, I decided to take pictures of my favorites from the "summer collection". I received 22 postcards from 21 locations, excluding ones I picked up on my travels. Incidentally, two were from Maine from two different people, both of which were kind of quirky ones involving lobsters talking. The most "exotic" were from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and another from the Philippines. And the most "normal" and ordinary was one from the Phoenix, an (awesome) wooden rollercoaster at a family amusement park near where I grew up. My brother and his girlfriend sent it. Because they're awesome. Other locations included Rome, Budapest, Chicago, Washington DC, Michigan, Hoboken, Edinburgh, Stone Harbor, Puerto Rico, Green Bank (West Virginia), Evergreen Aviation Museum (Oregon), Amsterdam, Greatham (England), Martha's Vineyard, Las Vegas, the Galapagos Islands, Buenos Aires, and Maloesine (Italy). Really, they were all great, so it was tough to choose which to "feature" in this article.

The Summer Collection. You should be able to click on the picture to make it bigger if you want to see them all

Las Vegas- I just love that there is SO MUCH fire

The Galapagos Islands- really awesome 

Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam. After the stories my friend told me from his time in Vietnam, I'm really glad I don't personally need to go to Vietnam to add a postcard from there to my collection

And this is just awesome 

The Phoenix rollercoaster at Knoebels Grove Amusement Park in Central PA. I don't know if you can read the subtitle but it says "Celebrating 20 years of Phantastic Airtime." Yes, because the safety standards are 20 years old and you actually half fly out of your seat when you go over bumps. Adding to the experience, obvi

 And last but certainly not least, the two postcards from Maine that are remarkably similar but from two entirely different people. These are by far the most unique (even though they're kind of the same, so by definition that kind of means they're not unique) ones I received this summer

This definitely adds many new locations to my collection that I think is probably 500+ strong by now. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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Hayley said...

Who sent you one from Hoboken?! That is just - awesome :)... why didn't I think of that??