Monday, September 06, 2010

Quotable Texts

My teammates and friends often send really funny texts. Because life here is really funny, and you're just going about your day when suddenly, "There is an old man at Sala Gradinar wearing spandex shorts, a tank top, and weight lifting belt and screaming out every time he scores a point in ping pong."

Since I have an old-school Nokia phone, I don't have a ton of memory to save all the messages that come through my Inbox, but I have saved a few of my favorites and want to share them now.

"Temperatures in Romania are lower than those at the North Pole... They are even lower than those in Alaska." -American guy quoting a Romanian-English newspaper in the dead cold of January

"There is an older man with a belly as big as mine who has his shirt hiked up to fully enjoy the sunshine. He is sitting awfully close to me and I am rather uncomfortable." -American woman, 8 months pregnant

"Yes. Hydrogen breath test, or a stool acidity test. Are you known to be lactose intolerant? Do you have episodes after you ingest milk products? Not so common to your race." -Nigerian guy in response to my question about whether he knew how to determine if you're lactose intolerant

"Great. Can you tactfully ask her to please stay away from fried chicken organs?" -American guy in response to my organizing people to cook for him and his wife after their baby was born

"I am very much of the opinion that too much of everything is bad. I would say moderate is ideal. I think I'll leave it there. Naomi Campbell might be a good example." -Nigerian guy in response to a question about body types in women. To which I responded that Naomi Campbell is NOT a good example, because she's not moderate anything.

"Dear God, I pray that our baby will be safe, and that he will grow up to love God, and that he will marry a girl like me or someone else." -American guy quoting his 5 year old daughter during their evening prayers

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