Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nerd Alert!!

I quite enjoy costume parties. I think they're wonderful fun, and I just love to see people be creative. Last year I had a "decade"-themed costume party which was really fun. So this year I decided to give it another go, this time with a Nerd theme. I had my friend Michelle send Nerds candy from the states just for the occasion. And I even made a really nerdy cake.

Then my roommate Anna and I got dressed in our very own nerd costumes. Oh man, I'm both a little embarrassed and a little stoked at the awesomeness of our nerdiness.

And so it began. The level of Nerdy was incredible. Far beyond my expectations. We ate, we hung out, we admired one another's nerdiness. We also played a little nerdy game. I made up bags of random household items (everything from rubber bands and paper clips to toy irons and hangers), divided everyone into teams, and gave them 20 minutes to come up with some kind of invention from their supplies. And the nerd level went through the roof. Here's one of the teams with their Magical Mixing Machine.

I will leave you with a few pictures of some of the nerdier folk in attendance at the party. 
Romania ladies in their nerdy glory

Nigerian men basically just looking badly dressed... or like a nerdy rapper in Musa's case (right). No but really, I actually don't think it's possible for these guys to look nerdy

And the winners of the costume contest- Eli and Hollie, dressed as the Drs. Pepper... they grow peppers! And they brought the biggest pepper they've ever grown (oh the punny irony), little Jesh. Really. Nerdy.

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