Thursday, December 23, 2010

Have Yourself a Lovely Little London

I have been to London twice before, during my backpacking trip of 2006 and with my family in 2000. I really loved it both times, and this was no exception. I stopped there on the way home to visit my dear Romanian friend and roommate Simona, who is studying there for a semester of her Masters. You guys, I could totally live in London. It reminds me of New York in a lot of ways, but it's just more... civil. And filled with Brits! Pip pip! Cheerio!

Since Simona hadn't yet visited the touristy sites, and since she had the adventurous Spangles to compel her, one of our days was spent walking around to all the famous places- Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Piccadilly Circus, and Waterstones. She had no idea such a massive bookstore existed, and I think she will probably go there every day now. As would I, as would I. Along the way we stopped for some Iraqi food, just to keep life interesting.

Yes, we did all that in 6 hours, and all on foot. In the cold. Which is probably why the fledgling sore throat I brought from Romania blossomed into a full-out cold the next day. So my second day there we chillaxed at the house where she stays- with a Romanian family in the "suburbs" (an hour by train from the center, northeast of city). They are really fun and precious. They have a five year old son named Flavius, which I have decided is the best Romanian boy's name. Ever. And we spoke an interesting mix of Romanian and English- quite fun! The last full day we spent seeing her University and the area nearby, and attending to a prayer night at her (adorable and wonderful) church.

And then I flew on home to the U.S.ofA. Just hours before the runways at Heathrow began to close before the snow. *phew* In short order I will write of the wonders and glories of being back home after 10 months in the far off land of the Ro of Manias.

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Anita D.U. said...

Liz,u hv a blog?Interesting.Glad u had a blast in London,cant wait to go back myself,might be soon.Merry(belated) x-mas n happy new year.