Wednesday, December 15, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

We recently had Zeke and Marit over for a little sleepover. Always a treat. We have all kinds of imaginary adventures, eat Easy Mac, watch a few episodes of Tom & Jerry (or in this case, A Charlie Brown Christmas!!), draw, color, and generally have fun. Just that day I had started to put up Christmas decorations, and I remembered our Christmas-Tree-in-a-Box that my former roommate Luci's family sent us two years ago. Still alive and kickin! I thought it might be a nice craft to do with Zeke, who looooves puzzles and legos, as this kind of combines the two. So we made ourselves a little Christmas Tree...
The ever-important trunk

Anna helping Zeke with the branches

Final step- the STAR!

Out little Christmas display. Tis the season!

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Anna said...

love our little tree!