Friday, January 28, 2011

Book Review: Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? by Carolyn McCulley

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about this book. Not just the title (I’m sorry, but CHEESE-BALL) but the fact that the cover has a massive picture of an engagement ring on it (Again, CHEESEY). But because I trust the taste of the person who sent it, I decided to give it a read. And oh how glad I am that I did, because this is a stellar book about what it means to be a godly woman.  It is written by a 40-year-old Christian woman who is single and thus geared towards single women (the subtitle is “Trusting God with a Hope Deferred”), but particularly those who are a bit older. However, the principles apply to any woman. 

The first Chapter is entitled “You’re Still Single?, and in it she breaks down a lot of the ridiculous statements and questions and ideas that people have about singleness. She challenges her readers to ask not “Why am I STILL single?” but “What is God doing with and through my singleness?” McCulley then argues that singleness is a gift from God, just as much as marriage is; singleness is not a “lesser” state or a sub-par situation. She writes, “Ultimately we are single right now because that’s God’s will for us right now.” It is not because we’re too old, fat, skinny, loud, smart, demanding, or “too” ANYTHING ELSE.  And so if singleness is indeed a gift and is indeed God’s will for us single folk right now (even if we might prefer to be married), what do we do with that? How do we live that out in a way that glorifies God and develops godly womanhood? 

That is what she spends the remainder of the book laying out in great detail. In examining the “Proverbs 31 woman”, McCulley provides a guide for relationships as well as a guide for daily life- everything from developing hospitality, investing in children, and helping the needy to how we use our womanly charms and our speech. It is practical. It is candid. It is funny. It is encouraging. It is convicting. And most of all it is deeply rooted in Scripture. I can say quite honestly that the chapter on Wise Speech alone is worth the price of the book. Truly excellent. I plan to read this book again in full, because there is so much packed into it. This book has taught me that the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is oh so true. For Christian single and married women alike, this is a great read if you are looking to develop the character of a godly woman. 

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