Monday, March 21, 2011

From All Corners of the World

A few weeks ago we took a picture together immediately following the church service with EVERYONE who was there that night. Regular attenders, first-timers, everyone. We've never actually done that, so it was nice to have a picture all together. And pretty amazing to tangibly see the Lord's faithfulness in building a church from the ground up in merely 3 years. About 60 people representing 10 countries were there that particular night, and oh what a beautiful picture it was of the rich diversity we get to experience in this community. Romania. United States. Nigeria. Zimbabwe. Malaysia. South Africa. Somalia. Holland. India. Cameroon. What makes it possible to be so diverse culturally, racially, and ethnically (and probably a few other "ly"s) and yet be unified? Christ. Who died for the sins of the whole world. For young and old. Black and white. Jew and Gentile. He died so that we may live. And so now we live to bring Him glory. It is a beautiful picture, indeed.

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