Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Excellence

I have loved each and every Easter I have spent in Iasi, and this year was no exception. We started our day off as we have in years past with a "sunrise" prayer service that we started well after the sun was actually risen. 7am is early enough, I do believe. We gathered in front of the medical school and had a simple time of singing and praying. Afterwards we had breakfast together.

Then I took a little nap (hey, I was up at 6am, that's early for me!) and set to cooking for the Feast that afternoon before church. And what a Feast it was!!

The Easter service was lovely and wonderful. It is such a privilege to gather together as brothers and sisters in Christ and celebrate the saving work of Jesus on the cross. We were also privileged to have with us a guest preacher from Sierra Leone, from whom I learn a tremendous amount each time I hear him speak. 

The goodness continued with two baptisms of two Nigerian women. They had been Christians for some time but had never been baptized and wanted to walk in obedience to the command to be baptized. So we celebrated with them.

It was a day of festive spring attire, and plenty of color!

All in all a memorable and joyous Easter. I'll leave you with a video a quartet singing In Christ Alone. What an incredible song, and a true joy to us to be able to share with the congregation.

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