Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spangles Spectacular Fiesta

That is what my roommate entitled my birthday party. She's awesome like that. Again, another "3rd annual". It's really insane to me that I've been here for THREE springs. That's three Easters, three church camps, and three birthdays in Iasi, Romania! Woh.

I was really hoping for an outdoor spring BBQ like last year, but alas, when it's only 50 degrees and raining, a BBQ is less than ideal. Thankfully though, we were able to grill meat and bring it INSIDE. I wasn't sure how many would come or how it would go, knowing that many students are getting into intense study mode. And nothing makes for a good party like a bunch of people who are anxious about their upcoming exams all together in one room trying to pretend they're not stressed! But it turned out that people emerged from the depths of studying to come out for one last hurrah before the big final exam push. There was lots of meat and lots of desserts, and not too much in between. So, basically an ideal meal. We ate until we burst. And oh. my. word. Everyone was so hyper. It was hilarious. There was a lot of singing and a lot of ridiculousness. And I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed it. A delightful birthday party and one I will not soon forget!
A new staple at any international gathering- SNORTA. It basically involves animal noises and a lot of laughter. Did you know that the words people use for animal sounds are different in different countries? Yea, because that makes this game 10 times more hilarious. I think at one point there were 8 people playing from 6 different countries, and ohhhhh my, the hilarity!

Sweet Israeli friends

The requisite Spangles Smorgasbord

My darling roommate, teammate, friend, and sister Anna

Everyone gathered for what turned out to be quite a rambunctious game of charades

Happy birthday to ME! ;)

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