Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bridgette's Wedding!

A few weeks ago I had the distinct privilege of flying home for my dear friend Bridgette's wedding. I left on a Wednesday and flew out the following Monday- this for a voyage that takes about 15-20 hours. Most people thought I was crazy to do so, but I honestly think it was nice to stay for only a short time, as my body didn't fully have time to adjust to the U.S. timezone, and I wasn't so jetlagged returning to Romania. Plus, I was just home in January, and I'm moving back to the States in July, so it's not like I'm desperately in need of a few more days.

In my 2+ years in Romania I have missed several weddings of friends; it would certainly have been nice to go to them all, but it's a necessary sacrifice of living in a foreign land without a private jet. However, I reaaaaally wanted to be there for this one! I did my best to hold it loosely, not wanting to claim a RIGHT to have it, particularly knowing that all the money I use here is from friends who support me financially in order to enable me to be in ministry full-time. But I also lifted up my sincere and heartfelt desire to go to this wedding before the Lord and prayed he'd provide the extra money! Thankfully he did!

The wedding was near Princeton, N.J., so I got a nice dose of green space and fresh air. The ceremony and reception were at the beautiful and wonderful house of close family friends who were so gracious and generous to offer up their home and property for Bridgette and Jeff's special day! 

Though it rained the entire week before and the two days after, the actual day of the wedding was sunny and warm, with clear blue skies. What a sweet gift from God! Everything about it was so... THEM. They weren't trying to please others or do things "a certain way"; they just wanted their wedding to reflect their values and lifestyle choices. It was great. Great great great. Simple yet elegant. Christ-centered. And definitely a whole lotta fun! It was a bi-coastal bridal party, with 7 of the 8 bridesmaids coming from the NYC gang, and 7 of the 8 groomsmen flying in from Cali. The 'other' ones on each side were from Colorado. Good stuff. We took SUCH fun photos! Here is just one of all of us from the 'official' post-wedding photo-shoot that someone took on my camera, plus shots of all the bridesmaids with Bridgette and one of a few of us in our lovely dresses.

Like I said, the wedding was a ton of FUN. There was a trampoline, crochet, bocce ball, and pleeeenty of dancing, both on and off the dance floor...

I'm so thankful that I could go home to be there for this special day, and I look forward to a lifetime of memories with these dear friends!

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