Monday, June 13, 2011

The Early Days of Summer

I will miss the early summer days of Iasi.
The hot days and cool nights.
The clear blue skies.
The intense early-evening thunderstorms.
The (comparative) lack of humidity.

I will miss the simplicity of these days.
Students studying for exams, leaving me with much less to do.
Catching up on all that gets back-burnered in ordinarily busy days.
Reading for hours at a time on our balcony.
Indulging in a guilt-freed afternoon nap.

I will miss the freshness of these days.
Cherry blossoms. Lilacs. Linden trees. All abloom and smelling sweet. 
Strawberries ripe and in season here, red all the way through.
Sweet and sour cherries shortly following, more than I could ever possibly eat.
Smoothies and salads, refreshing and cool.

I will indeed miss the early summer days of Iasi.


Becky said...


Becky said...

These were my favourite days too - especially the linden trees. Soak it up Liz - it'll never leave you x