Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My 5 Year Anniversary

My 5 year anniversary of WHAT you may be asking? Of my blog. Five years ago today I wrote my first blog entry about moving to New York City. A very brief one, but my launch into the blogosphere nonetheless.
Today I write my 5-year anniversary blog, as I've just moved BACK to New York City. It is my 695th post. I was hoping to get to 700, but with all that has been going on throughout my transition, that hasn't been possible. Alas.

It's interesting to reread some of the posts from those first months, and even the first year of living in NYC; I see how different the Spangles is that is moving to NYC now. Certainly then I was fresh out of college and just trying to figure out how to survive as an adult in the real world, and now I'm a "seasoned" (ha!) adult person (ish) who is continuing the journey of adulthood. But. More than that, the first time I came to the city I think in a big way I was seeking to GET from the city. Build my resume, meet interesting and talented people, go to lots of Broadway shows and concerts, eat all kinds of fancy food, etc etc etc. I don't think I would have said this explicitly, but I definitely was here to GET things/connections/experiences from my time in the city. And honestly, most people are here to do that, so, in a way, it works out just fine for everyone.

But now I'm here to GIVE. Yes I'm here to "get" an education, but outside of that I want nothing more than to have people into my home for dinners, lunches, afternoon teas, Bible studies, and to simply share life together. I want to have time to help and serve my friends when they need it. I want to live simply. I want to get to know people in my neighborhood. I want to go to the same shops and restaurants so much that people know me by name. I want to babysit for people and love on their kids. I want to eat in more than I eat out (and I have an AMAZING kitchen to be able to do so... pics coming later). I want to go to shows and museums, but just to enjoy them, not to keep up with the rat race. I want to serve in the community and not avoid regular commitments because I might be "missing out" on something "better."

And I'm glad for this change, thankful for this attitude, and prayerful that I can sustain it during my time here. So, 5 years after the start of my blog, here I am starting a new chapter, back in an old familiar place. Though this time I'm living in Harlem instead of Brooklyn, and I'm a student instead of a consultant. I'm excited to explore the city through these new "lenses."  

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So here we go. Again. :)

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