Monday, October 24, 2011

Not Blogging Blog

If you've been following my blog for any length of time and with any regularity you may have noticed a change. Namely that I have not posted anything in five weeks. Given that I usually post 2-3 times week, this is a long time with no Spangles. I have been meaning to write THIS entry for about 3 weeks, as I realized shortly after starting grad school that this would be a different kind of season of life. One where I would have to streamline and focus on a few things (namely school, church, and friends) and set aside many other activities (namely reading and writing blogs, letter writing, reading for pleasure, and little odds and ends of the like). The fact that it has taken me 3 weeks to even write this little sucker is indicative of the craze of life right now. Not bad craze, just full and focused.

Now that midterms AND my brother's wedding are behind me, I have a brief moment to write before settling into paper-writing mode for the next 6 weeks, in which I get to (notice, not "have to") write three 10-15 page research papers. Though much is going on, and there is much I would enjoy writing about (say, my brother getting married, living in Harlem, and being a grad student. Just for instance), I am learning that I don't get to do everything I would like to do in every season of life, and sometimes we have have to cut out good things to make room for the great things in a given season. So, while I may post here and there, I am setting the expectation for myself and my few die-hard readers that I will in general be taking a sabbatical from (blog) writing. I can't imagine I'll be done with blogging, but for the time being it will most definitely be a back-burner item.

If you'd like some good reads to fill the huge gap in your life that will certainly ensue, check out Yellow Dress for Love, dooce, CCC in CLT, A Song in the Dessert, or The Boomerang Kid.

Until we meet again,

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Becky said...

Draga Liz, I am very disappointed that just at the time I have worked out how to actually follow your blog, you will not be writing in it any more! Never mind, at least if you do make the occasional post, I will know about it straight away :) Be brilliantly blessed in all you do!! xx