Tuesday, August 07, 2012

At the Central Market in Ife

My second Saturday in Ife I went with some people to see various places in town, and I got to see the central market for the first time (and on a bustling Saturday afternoon at that!). It was entirely overwhelming, but also a fun adventure. Driving in was crazy, as the streets are so narrow and we were in a pretty big car:

The okadas (motorbikes) have it much better, as they can navigate more easily:

You can seemingly buy anything you want at the various shops- pots in one shop, eggs in the next, and purses in the next:

Mounds of rice and beans abounded:


As did tomatoes and peppers, which my friends were looking to buy:


I saw plenty of new and unfamiliar things, but my favorite new sights were smoked fish and cow skin:

After only 40 minutes I was totally exhausted from so much sensory overload, and thankfully everyone was finished with their shopping. My goal is that by the end of my time in Ife, I will be able to go to the market by myself and do my shopping, knowing where all the good produce is and how to bargain for it well. Mango season is in December, so I’ll have plenty of motivation to be ready for it! 

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Adesegun said...

Hmmm! I hope you have been able to achieve the goal of being able to go to the market and bargain all by yourself