Sunday, August 05, 2012

OAU Staff School

My supervisor and his wife have three kiddos, and the eldest two are in primary school at the Staff School on campus. I arrived here during the final weeks of the school year, and I went along some afternoons to pick up the kids. As the only white person around, I’ve gotten used to being stared at all the time, but kids are cute because they are totally filterless, and just plain curious. So as we walked to Korede and Elizabeth’s classrooms, we would be accompanied by an ever-growing train of kids just staring at the “oyinbo” (the word for white person, pronounced “oh-ee-boh”). It’s a beautiful school, and looks completely different from schools in the US. Here are some pictures I took while there one afternoon:

Overall view of (most of) the buildings:

Kids waiting for their parents after school:

Love the murals on the walls:

Open air walkways:

Clearly the kids were very happy to be done for the day:

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