Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Travel Log- Ghana: Kakum National Park

This is a “must see/do” of Ghana. Everyone I know who has visited Ghana told me to go here. It’s a canopy walkway, as in, little walkways in the air, 40 meters off the forest floor. There are seven walkways totaling 330 meters, and you can stare mouth-agape at the expanse of forest all around. And of course, take plenty of pictures.
The walk way up to the walkway

Ready to go! And already sweating.

Now THIS is a forest

The walkway 

One done!
This made me a liiitle dizzy

Looking up

Looking down

You can see one of the walkways in the distance, gives a bit of perspective both how high up we were and how high the trees were!

 Beautiful expanse

Walkways four and five

 Go team!

Enjoying some delicious coconut water on the way back down


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