Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beautiful Brooklyn

When I tell people I live in Brooklyn I usually get one of two responses:
1) Oh... hm... that's interesting. What made you decide to do that?
2) Ooooh! Cool!

When I tell New Yorkers I live in Park Slope I usually get one of two responses:
1) Ha, oh yea, you live in Park STROLLER huh, with all those Nazi Moms?
2) Ooooh! I hear it's really nice there and a great neighborhood!

This entry is for those who respond in Number 1 fashion. I will respond merely in pictorial format, with minimal commentary. The pictures speak for themselves.

Prospect Park. This is literally 1 block from my apartment. OkOK, it's an avenue, which is like 2 blocks.

Also in Prospect Park. Little gems like this abound. Seem oddly reminiscent of Central Park? Yeah, because the same dude designed it.

A final Park Slope gem, a little piece of the lake I discovered recently.

The Brooklyn Bridge, which celebrated its 125th birthday this past weekend. I think I am unreasonably addicted to this bridge. It's kind of scary how much I love it.

Grand Army Plaza, kind of like the Arc de Triomphe... but smaller.

The Beautiful Botanic Gardens- one of many colorful May blooms.

I had to put in another one of my faves, this is near the entrance of the Botanic Gardens.

And last, but certainly not least, a lovely field of blue flowers. All within walking distance of my wonderful Park Slope, Brooklyn apartment. Gosh I love it here.

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