Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quote of the Weekend

I'm in Washington D.C. right now reveling in a three-day weekend wherein I not only get to attend a wedding of two dear friends (entry to come when I can upload pics) and spend a few days with my Aunt Jane and Cousin Julia, but I get to see one of my fabulous college roommates, the wonderful Megalicious. Given that I was with her constantly from Friday night until Sunday afternoon, there was ample opportunity for Meg One-Liners to come out. My favorite was the following:

It's 1am and we're on our way home from the wedding, walking from Union Station back to where we're staying at a coworker's house on Capitol Hill. I can pretend that was a reasonable and safe idea because we didn't die, but who really knows. I lived in West Philly for 4 years where students were regularly mugged. OUTSIDE DORMITORIES. So I have to think that my sense of what's "dangerous" may be slightly skewed. But I digress.

Please note: we are sober. We walk by an incredibly potent flowery bush. I am not the kind of girl who knows the names of flowers, so don't even ask. I just know it smells really really good. Meg notes that it is a particularly lovely smelling bush and we continue on our way.

A block later Meg says:

"I still feel like I'm smelling that lovely bush. It's like Glade to my nostrils."

And then I lose it laughing. Because these are the things that Meg says. ALL THE TIME.

And I am reminded yet again why I love this girl like WOH.

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