Sunday, May 25, 2008

Middle School Mayhem

So as it turns out, Kathy and I are moving from our sweet Park Slope apartment come June 1. We'll go into the details of WHY we're giving up our sweet Park Slope apartment at a later date, but for now it's enough to know we're moving. And as this date is quickly arriving we thought it would be a fabulous idea to have a Bye Bye Brooklyn party. Which we did a few weekends ago. I wrote almost the entirety of this entry and then failed to finish. Per the taking over of my life by my work in the past two weeks. So now here is the recap.

Given that I can't have anything be so simple as "Hey, come on over for a party" I came up with a little theme for this party. It was a little bit of middle school awkwardness, a little bit of 90s greatness, and a whole lotta fun. For eats we had Bagel Bites, Dunkaroos, Fruit by the Foot, Funfetti Cake, String Cheese, and a whole variety of other goodies. For drinks we had Shirley Temples (with or without vodka), Apple Juice boxes, Capri Sun, and of course Jack and Coke. Not that I was drinking Jack and Coke in middle school. Scout's honor. My other friends, well, I'm not so sure. For entertainment we rocked out to some Collective Soul, Third Eye Blind, Blues Traveler, and Better Than Ezra. And the icing on the cake was many many rounds of Twister. Yes the game with big red, green, yellow, and blue dots.

Rob cheated.

The first match-off of the evening, starting off simple.

Kathy wiping out as Colin is repeatedly reminding me that his Yoga Skillz are going to destroy me.

I also encouraged people to dress as they would have in middle school. Some people simply added a little flair to their person in the form of a side-ponytail or Friendship Heart necklace (you know, the kind you buy at Clair's and it's two halves of a heart and you and your BFF each wear one half, yea, that kind). Others took it all the way back to awesome. Take for instance my friend Sorem who wore Coors Light sweatpants rolled up to his knees (though I seriously question whether he had those in middle school and if he did whether he wore them), a Goonies T-Shirt, and a squirt gun. Which he used abundantly. Then my friend Binder wore a striped shirt with a flannel shirt over it, and a hemp necklace. Classic. The flannel shirt was eventually tied around his waist. Also classic.

Homemade headgear. Classic.

Rockin the side ponytails.

And Sorem. There are no words.

But perhaps the gem of the evening was breaking out middle school VHS tapes. Apparently most people don't just have old VHS tapes on hand in their NYC apartments, but having one from Gretchen and one of mine was enough to keep us laughing for a solid 10 minutes. Given that mine was me singing in my FIFTH GRADE Talent Show, and given that I couldn't recall precisely (or even remotely) where I was in the lineup, we fastforwarded through the entire video, stopping to watch snipits of the truly special songs, dances, and instrumental wonders.

We ate all the food, we drank all the booze, we danced to (not quite all) the music, and in general saw our apartment off in a style worthy of the place I have called home for two years. Thanks to everyone who took part, it was certainly a blast.

The best roommate of all time. I will miss you when we don't live together, my friend.

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