Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fight For Your Right- to Latte

I have been converted.  I can’t quite believe it’s actually true, but it happened so suddenly I don’t even know what tipped the scales.  I like coffee.  Correction- I like GREAT coffee. Coming from a person who actively disliked coffee up until recently and only drank it when absolutely necessary for staying awake, this is huge. What I do know is that after living in the Pacific Northwest for three months, then spending a month in Mexico, and now living in Romania, I have actually come to understand that coffee can be good.  Really really good.  My favorite coffee in the states is Stumptown Coffee, of Portland fame. I have to say that it was the Stumptown Latte that got me hooked. I never thought I would willingly pay $5 for a coffee beverage, but oh man, its worth every penny. And here in Europe, you can assume that the coffee/espresso you are served is good. Well maybe not assume but at least you have a high probability of success. I still wouldn't choose most coffees over most teas, but still, this is kind of a big deal. Someday when I open a coffee shop I will serve Stumptown coffee. Even if the coffee shop is outside of America- people will pay for greatness. For now, I will dream of the next time I will taste a Stumptown latte. Someday. Someday. 

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Natalie said...

May I just say, O Liz, that I am waiting for one right along with you. Kudos