Thursday, February 26, 2009

Word of the Day 2

Today's word is one of my favorite Romanian words, and one that I can use often. 

cuţit (pronounced like "coot-ZEET") = knife

Do you know why I love this? Because if you look at it in English it reads Cut it. Like a knife often does. Perhaps lame, but I never have a problem remembering this word. Now, if only I could remember spoon and fork I would actually be able to eat some food...


Anonymous said...

fork is also very memorable - furculiţa (I may have spelled that wrongly!) - so it starts off a bit like 'fork' and then just a bit of a cute ending :)

Unknown said...

Well maybe I was going to use that word at some point. And by maybe I mean definitely was. Thanks for spoiling the fun Becky. Gosh.