Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Word of the Day 4

As it turns out there is a very common verb (to do) whose translation into Romanian sounds like the F-bomb. 

Fac (pronounced like 'fahk') = I do 

It is somewhat disconcerting to be in church and hear everyone singing what sounds like a horrible curse word. Kind of a lot. And it is particularly hard not to laugh when I hear a little old lady talking about doing something, but if she only knew what her doing sounded like to an English speaker! Let's just say that while I can never remember the different conjugations (as in many languages, depending on whether it is I, you, she, we, they etc, the verb form changes), I almost always know when someone is doing something. And then I politely excuse myself to giggle like a small child when someone says "butt." Excellent.

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Anonymous said...

lol - I almost typed a phrase containing the infamous word but it just looked too much like swearing! I couldn't bring myself to do it!