Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What People Draw of You

Have you ever been asked the question, "What three adjectives do you think a good friend would use you describe you?" Interesting to think about, right? Well, how about this, "What would a friend DRAW about you?" At my birthday party I found out the answer to that one. In Dave and Erin's house they have a wall that they turned into a white-board by using some kind of paint-on substance that well, turns walls into white-boards. They often posit questions or drawing competitions for the many who come and go throughout the week. So for my birthday party the prompt was: "Draw Liz Doing Her Liz Thing". And the following are some of the results... You can judge for yourselves how accurate you think they are.
Left: Liz's Fudge Shoppe (with a long line of people). Right: 2008 National Urology Conference (with me and then a huge group of middle-aged men). Drawn by Dave, America. (Note: Most people here have almost no knowledge of my prior job, so they were REALLY confused/curious what the latter drawing meant)

Liz meeting me with furry hat and bag. Drawn by Becky, England.

 Bible Study with Liz. Drawn by Andra, Vienna.

Liz teaching EJ how to play the piano. Drawn by Issa, Israel (I think). (Please note: I have never played on a grand piano in Romania)

Liz "wizzy" piano lesson in my acasa (house) with Rooibos Vanilla Tea. Drawn by Shamini, Malaysia.

Liz and her African hair. Versatile! Fuarte bun! Drawn by Ropa, Zimbabwe.

New York Style. Drawn by Mark, England.

Left: My Explanation- Playing cards together with Trevor and Christina when I was really tired and I kept making random sounds (e.g. Murr). Right: Liz's Macbook open to a... Spreadsheet!. Drawn by Christina, America.

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