Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Morning

So after a nice enjoyable weekend, it's rare that one is extremely excited to start into a new week, get up early, work all day, etc. I mean, I like my job a lot, but man, Mondays (especially rainy ones like today) just kind of make me want to curl up under my down comforter and hit the snooze button. This particular Monday the subway was especially crowded, but such variations are to be expected. At Bergen St. (a random stop in Brooklyn where there aren't usually many people) the conductor informs us that the train is no longer an F train, but switching to a G train and therefore not going into Manhattan. It's 8:25am. Seriously?? So we all herd off the train and stand in a large mass on the platform. Behind me is a large Chinese family with many children, and every member of the family is talking loudly in chinese (or maybe they thought it was a normal volume?). Everyone is starting at them. It's really really hot. I continue reading Sense and Sensibility, because, what else can I do, right? The next F train comes after what felt like 20 minutes but was probably 5, and we all herd back in, of course cramming in hundreds of people into an already crowded train. Then this guy, clearly not from NY, starts complaining to his friend, clearly from NY, that they should've driven into the city and he was not a fan of the "nut on butt" action. Full voice, talking across several people. He then says, "Man, I can't handle this, I feel like I'm in a gay club." Seriously?? I put in my iPod to avoid hearing anymore of his truly delightful commentary. I love New York.

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