Thursday, August 31, 2006

US Open

Last night GVR and I journeyed out to Queens for the US Open, courtesy of Chase Bank and the 2 free tickets they gave me for opening my new account. Pretty sweet deal. I don't know a ton about tennis and I don't really follow the sport closely, though I do enjoy watching it when I happen upon it. And I mean, who can pass up free tickets?
Let me just say- it was awesome. The sheer size of the complex where the Open happens (15 courts spread around plus 2 large stadiums, stores, food, merchandise, big screen tvs, massive brackets up on walls, etc) is somewhat unbelievable. And let me just say that tv does no justice for the speed at which these athletes can serve a tennis ball. You think MLB pitchers can throw fast? Oh no, let's talk about the 100mph+ serves of people like Andy Roddick.
He was playing last night. And by the way, he's really attractive. Wow. Even from up in the nosebleeds. And he happens to be 23. Or Maria Sharapova, who was also playing last night. First of all- 19. Secondly- 6' and 132 pounds. Thirdly- wow. She is NOT messing around.
And the culture of tennis is just so unlike anything else. First of all, you don't talk during matches. Thousands of people in a stadium not talking. Then there's the sponsors. So for events like the Superbowl sponsors are Budweiser, Tostitos and Hummer. US Open sponsors include Ralph Lauren, JPMorgan Chase,
Evian, and Lexus. At least half of the attendees had clearly come from work and were dressed in business attire. Among the remaining there was an abundance of polo shirts, salmon colored pants, and sweaters tied around shoulders. To top it off, the view of the Manhattan skyline at sunset is unbelievable. All in all, an awesome night.