Sunday, October 15, 2006

Business Cards

All of the newbies got our business cards last week. For starters, what I'm going to do with 500 business cards is beyond me. Maybe if I gave two to everyone I know? And I mean, it kind of reaaaally makes me an adult now that I have a business card. It even says my full name- Elizabeth Spangler. They vetoed Liz Spangler. Maybe I should've gotten Elizabeth M Spangler. That looks cooler.
So we were trying to decide how best to utilize our supply of business cards, and Jesse, being the genius he is decided that he would sign a limited number of them and allow us to display them on our bulletin boards. They will apparently be of great value someday. Some day. We also considered making them into trading cards of sorts- putting our "stats" on the back... Only the most crucial information though, because it's kind of a small space.
If you want one... or six... let me know. I'll even send it to you in the mail. Maybe I'll send them out with my Christmas cards. Now THERE is a practical idea.

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