Sunday, October 15, 2006


So a couple weekends ago Alexandria and I were wandering about the UES and were talking about the fact that Emily's birthday was on the 11th. We decided this necessitated an Emilypalooza weekend. And oh what a weekend it was (last weekend, not this one- I was in Boston, but more on that later). Friday night began with a group dinner at Supper Restaurant, a really cute Italian place in the East Village. Just a lovely time. Then a few people went home, and 4 of us decided to go to The Library, a bar we had heard was pretty famous and cool. Um, maybe famous, but not so cool. That review is a big fat farce. The music was so loud we couldn't even hear each other, and it was not pleasant music. At all. All 4 of us were less than impressed. Soooo, we were a little disappointed with that but pressed onwards to a bar where we were supposed to meet some of the guys. Only, the place was maybe the smallest bar in the world, so whomever picked it (clearly one of the guys) hadn't thought about the fact that the 12 or so of us would take up the entire bar. Right. So being that the guys were still at 230 Fifth, we chose a new bar- Slane. Which actually turned out to be a really fun place- and they have $4 Yuengling drafts on Friday, which may not sound like a good deal, but in New York, a $4 beer on a Friday is a HUGE steal. Kind of sad, but such is life. :)
Saturday was our surprise day for Emily- all she knew was to be ready at 10am. Alexandria, Megan, and I first took her to brunch at Dizzy's, which is the most adorable restaurant right up the street from my apartment. Great brunch. And then it was Spa Day. Oooooh so fun. And the look on her face just made the entire day. We got to spend some quality time together, relax, and explore Park Slope a bit as well. That evening was a "Homecoming" themed party on the UWS. Yes, Homecoming like the high school dance where they crown a king and queen. So I was thinking I would be there maybe an hour or two, just because I only knew a few people and was going as Emily's "date." Alexandria was Megan's date. Oh man, it turned out to be such a blast, that we stayed well into the Sunday AM. An outdoor patio with white lights, wine, yummy food, and my iPod dance mix (since apparently the hosts of the party didn't think about the fact that people would want to dance and hadn't prepared anything...)? Yes, please.
Sunday was The Departed and church- of course a solid sermon from Tim Keller. As usual. The Departed was an excellent movie. I was impressed, which doesn't usually happen. Check it out. :)
So yeah, basically a really fun weekend, most of it in celebration of super cool Emily. Alexandria's next... hmmm......

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