Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Facebook Groups

Am I the only one who doesn't arbitrarily search/create/amass facebook groups? Because I feel like I am. I mean, really, there are a million and one ways to waste time online, probably 435 of them on facebook alone (especially with this new "news feed" business- yay promoting stalking). But really, do people really spend time reading about these groups? Posting to them? Thinking of new ones? So ok, I can understand people I know pretty well asking me to be in their hip and witty new group. Or even something useful to (re)unite people, such as a "Warrior Run Class of 2002" group. Fine. But people I haven't talked to in, say, 3 years? Gee, did you ever thinking of maybe saying "Hey, how you doing?" rather than inviting me to join the "We LOVE taking reorganizing our pencils in our desk" group. Really, I feel the love.

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Drewster said...

um..i love that you posted this and it made me wonder if you got a recent invite that I did, from a person who I dont know if Ive ever held more than 2 conversations in my life with. First off I was surprised they invited me to be their friend....but then when they invited me to a lame ass group, I just figured they HAD to have invited everyone on their list, or else they were trying to reach out to me in some weird way. I wonder if its the same person?