Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fire hydrant

Without fail, every single day I walk down the north side of 46th street on my way to work, there is this one fire hydrant that is leaking and spewing water out... much like in the picture to the left. Now, I keep thinking a few things: 1) Why doesn't someone fix it? I mean, it's CLEARLY leaking, and they CLEARLY know it's leaking, because they have little cones near it, and there is water all over the street. 2) What happens if it just explodes? I always picture some poor tourist walking by gaping up at the tall buildings and this hydrant bursts and just knocks this person off their feet, fanny pack and all. 3) Why do I even bother to question anything in this city anymore? I mean, I've stopped being surprised by, oh, you know, a random buffet set up along the street during rush hour that is clearly for something, but why is it outside between the Nuts4Nuts man and the guy selling fruit? Or walking through midtown at 11pm and happening across a movie being filmed and gynormous lights everywhere. Just another day in the life in the Big Apple.

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