Wednesday, October 04, 2006

$1000 per hour?

What is worth $1000 per hour?

I tried to think about this the other day (I will explain why in a second), and I couldn't really come up with too much. In fact, I can't really think of anything for which I would pay $1000 per hour. So ok, even a reaaaaaally good massage you could pay $400 perhaps? But $1000?
I can think of many things for which I would pay $1000, say, a flight to Australia- but that's like 20 hours. Or, a down payment on a car. A month's rent (haha, oh right, that's not optional). Perhaps even someday I would be able to spend that much on a fantastic piece of jewelry. But not for one hour's use.

So, I started thinking about this because I sent out interview requests to plastic surgeons the other day for my newest project at work. We typically pay our interviewees $250-$300 for an hour interview. So basically they get $300 to sit and talk for an hour. About themselves and their practice and cutting edge technologies. Not too shabby. So this one guy emails me back and says, "I would be happy to talk with you. But I charge $1000 per hour."
Now seriously. Just think about that for a second here and please tell me that you honestly believe that your time is worth $2.50 per MINUTE. And that even if your time really is worth that much that you can't lower yourself for one measily hour to talk to someone about what you do all day. I mean, heaven knows he doesn't need the money. I just read the email and thought, "Wow, I can't relate to this person. At all."
Seriously, people like that make me wonder.

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