Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Big NYC weekend

So I've been pretty busy this week and not had time to recap the awesome weekend I had just a few days ago. Here goes.
On Friday Megan and I went to see Jamie Cullum in concert. Cass introduced me to his music awhile ago, and I just think he's really phenominal, but a CD cannot do justice to the talent this guy possesses. First of all, he plays the piano, really well, and anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge sucker for piano players. Second- he's English. That point stands on its own. And his music has a distinct jazzy feel to it, which is just so refreshing and enjoyable to listen to. He's incredibly entertaining live, and just really mixes it up. For instance, he did a jazz version of Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone," which was just genuis. And then he was drumming on his piano with his hands and doing Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" and then "Don't cha." Priceless. Then this rapper King James came out and freestyled with the band playing jazz in the background. It was pretty unbelievable. Oh, and then there was the segment where they broke out into samba- like big drums, tambourine and whistles. I just stood there really impressed the whole time. And Megan, who knew NONE of his music truly enjoyed herself.

Saturday was an urban scavenger hunt- a recent grads event through Redeemer Presbyterian. Basically they sent us to Greenwich Village to look for absolutely random stuff, take pictures doing various things, and it was basically a cool way to get to know people... which they ensured that you did because they made us count off before we left and divide into groups. We got to explore the city a bit, and then had a free dinner afterwards. I'll have to get the pictures from the girl in my group- they're hysterical. So afterwards one of the 06 Redeemer guys was having a party at his place on the Upper West, so we hiked up there, and they have roof access, so that was also pretty sweet. And a really cool apartment. From there I treked myself all the way down to the Lower East to meet up for Penn Singers alums reunion. Ok, seeing people who were seniors when I was a freshman and I haven't seen since they graduated- so much fun. Plus the crazy antics of all the usual suspects just made for a fun fun night. The only thing I didn't consider when I left my house earlier in the day was that the super cute shirt I had on also incidentally resembles the shirt worn by the fictional cartoon character Waldo of Where's Waldo fame. Right. Nothing like having a drunk guy from Spain approach you saying "WHERE'S WALLY??" and wanting to take a picture with you for his friends back home to see.
Only in New York.

And Sunday- quality time with the girls. Went to see The Illusionist, then walked around the Upper East, and it was a gorgeous day. I had my first smoothie ever at Jamba Juice, and we walked across the city to go to church at 7:00. Ok, can I just say how much I love Redeemer?? I look forward to Sunday all week- it's such a quality church and one where it's apparent that God is at work. And ok, who would've thought I'd fall so in love with a protestant church after going to Catcholic mass all my life? But I feel like it's such a great place to grow, and the services are just solid solid solid. And the people- there are no words. I love it. :)

Weekends are the greatest.

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