Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Family videos

My grandma recently had some old family videos transferred from film or VHS to DVD. Two were family parties for my grandparents 70/75 and 80/85 birthdays in 1992 and 2002. And wow, I just smiled the entire time, first watching the crazy antics of a few years ago, and then just dying laughing at the big hair and ridiculous clothes from 1992. And my mom and aunts singing and doing a kick line? Um, yes please.

However, the most interesting video was of my mother and aunt’s childhoods, starting with Christmas of 1953 and progressing through the years. There is no audio in these clips, so the people who made the DVD put really great music over it. I was brought to tears seeing my grandparents in their 30s and the absolute simplicity of life, as well as the joy of each individual in the films. Sitting around playing on the rocking horse and talking on the couch was enough to warrant a 5 minute segment. Seeing my mother as a small infant, merely a few months old at her first Christmas was truly unreal. And oh, the lovely dresses my aunts wore! My grandfather passed away a few years ago, and so it’s hard to see images of him, but yet also warming to see him young and healthy. My grandma, well, many of you know that she is far and away the woman whom I most aspire to emulate, in addition to my mother. She read me some excerpts from her book the other day (she’s writing a book about her life), and combined with listening to the speeches of so many individuals at their birthday parties further reminded me how truly blessed I am to have her, and all of my family.

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