Monday, October 30, 2006


That's just a really big word that means excessive sweating. And you're like, ok, so what? But why it's interesting is because on my current project at work I'm studying liposuction, botox, dermal fillers (like botox, they are injectables that plump up your face, just different areas of the face, and it's actually a really complex variety of them that exist and do loads of different things- who knew??), and the like... dabbling in lasers, ultrasound, skin creams, etc. It's quite interesting really. Every guy in my firm is jealous that I get paid to look at boobs. And it's funny because when you read this stuff day in and day out, you start to actually think it's something you would consider. Like, "Well, 3 million people had botox injections last year, it can't be THAT big of a deal, right?" Or the fact that liposuction is $2 billion market?? Crazy. And the worst part is that now I look at people and try to think of how to improve their faces. A little injection here, a little pinch or pull there... perfect. Now I know how plastic surgeons view the world.
But, I digress.
The reason I'm bloggin about hyperhydrosis is because it's currently the "hot topic" of botox, as it's being pushed as a new indication for botox's use. So, basically, they inject 300 little injections of botox into your hand, and it prevents you from sweating. Or your feet. Isn't that nuts??
And many of you know how much I sweat, so really, this sounds quite appealing to me. Then I look at the price tag and reconsider.
So the other really interesting (slash DISGUSTING) thing I learned about the other day was this one skin cream that was out a few years ago, the name of which I forget... But basically it was made (don't freak out) from baby boy foreskin. Just think about that for a second, gag, and then come back. So basically people were putting that ON THEIR FACE. Um, ew. But apparently it worked really well. There was only one problem- the smell was so unbearable that people just COULD NOT STAND to put it on their faces. Like it was so nasty that despite how well it worked, people just could not use it. And I can imagine why it would smell so bad, because, I mean, really.
See all these cool things I get to learn about? I love my job.

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