Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jersey Boys+

So last night we had a fantastic night on the town celebrating DRod's birthday at La Bottega (mmm good wine!) and then heading out to Brass Monkey where we ran into people from Redeemer (of course) who knew Alexandria and Rob, one of whom went to Auburn (Alexandria's alma mater) for 2 years and Penn for 2 years, so he knew almost everyone in our group. Almost all southerners- they're everywhere here. New York is SO SMALL. It's kind of unreal. And then off to Naked Lunch, another excellent bar, and both had great music. I highly recommend both places, and we'll definitely be going back.
Soooo needless to say we got to bed pretty late, since unlike most cities, bars in NY don't close at 2:00, and I mean, why go home if the bar isn't closed?

However, we had decided to get rush tickets for Jersey Boys today, which meant getting up early to stand in line. The alarm going off at 8:30 was a special special moment. But we treked over, knowing it would certainly be an adventure, and indeed it was. Waiting in line for 4 hours to see a Broadway show invariably results in meeting interesting people, as well as some obsessed fans, bitter New Yorkers who feel the need to share their pessimism with the world (ie- you standing next them in line), and a few bright eyed tourists who are looking to see their first ever Broadway show. I love it. Oh, and the obnoxious woman who shows up and feels she is entitled to butt in line for some reason that makes sense only in her mind, and you have to patiently explain to her that the line ends well beyond where she's standing. And I have to give a shout out to the guy who was there with his sleeping bag because he arrived at the theatre at 2:00am. That's hard core.

So, we got tickets- standing room, for $26... Mind you, the regular tickets are $100, but the
show is sold out for months, and you can't get them online for anything less than $200. I've checked. So Alexandria and I are pumped. Like woh. And oh my word, it was seriously a great show. If you've seen Mamma Mia, it's about 10 times better. And John Lloyd Young is just phenominal. They sounded JUST like the Four Seasons, and we actually had a great time standing because we were able to dance to all the songs. And since my parents played only oldies in the car growing up, I know most of the words to most of the songs. In the closing number I was just completely emotional and had tears streaming down my face because it made me want to be performing again like you can't even believe. Truly worth the time standing in line. And I mean, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in NYC than seeing a quality show with a quality friend??
And with that, another NYC weekend comes to a close. I love living here.

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