Sunday, October 22, 2006

Do You Have The Time?

You're at a restaurant, on the subway, walking down the street, or in a store, and someone asks you for the time. A perfectly normal and legitimate question if one does not have a watch and a clock is nowhere in sight. But when someone asks you that, do you suddenly completely forget how to tell time? Like you look at your watch for a good 10 seconds just to make sure you're telling the person the right time? Because I mean, if you tell someone the incorrect time, then you just look like an idiot. Take last weekend when I was in Boston with Meesh and we were eating at a Thai restaurant and a woman at the next table asked me what time it was. And I told her 8:25 when in fact. Upon seeing the puzzled look on her face, I looked at my watch again, only to see my error and realize it was actually 7:25. Oops. Let me just say, I look at my watch for about 15 seconds now just to make sure I don't make that mistake again...

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