Thursday, November 09, 2006

Botox botox everywhere, but not a drop to drink

You know what's funny? That my project at work follows me... Everywhere. First of all, I can't really tell you the number of people who have asked me for recommendations about what cosmetic procedures (lasers, creams, injections, etc) would be good for them. But not only am I now the go-to girl for my friends but I SEE IT EVERYWHERE. On one hand, I feel like I see the world through the eyes of a plastic surgeon- always trying to discern who has had injections where and who could use a little touch up. I mean, it's New York. Take tonight when I was seeing a Broadway show. I just sat watching all the 50+ year old women and kept thinking, "Wow, their skin is awwwwfully smooth for their age..." On the other hand, I see ads, articles, commercials, EVERYTHING for these products- Restylane this and Botox that. For instance, again tonight, a woman on the subway was reading an article in the New York Times- Wrinkle Rivals Go to War which of course I had to go and read (and by read, I mean, steal the paper from under her subway seat after she dropped it and got off the subway)... If you want to know a snipit of what I have been studying for 6 weeks, 5 days a week, check out that article. It's actually really funny to read when you know all the people it quotes. Funny sad, not funny haha. And if one more of my male coworkers asks me to show him some "before and after" photos, I might vomit in my mouth. However, I really do get a kick out of the pictures of procedures removing fat from under the eyelids. That'll wake you up at 9am.
I love my job.

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