Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Get paid to see a musical?? (!!)

So it's Tuesday, and tomorrow I'm leaving for home. Half day at work. Glory.

In addition to the fact that I have to pack, tie up loose ends, and get myself generally organized tonight, I just wanted to chill out and get home from work early. In flies GVR from stage left with a google chat at 5:45 asking me if I want to see a show for free and we just have to hand out surveys. I reply that I don't really think I should do that because I just want to go home and get packed for tomorrow... but just out of curiosity could you tell me what show it is?

The Drowsy Chaperone.

Ok, those of you who know me, well, at all, know that I have absolutely no ability to say no to a fun event. Whatsoever. And a FREE fun event that involves Tony award winning amazingness? Yes please.
So we show up at 6:45 to help with this survey (basically demographics and the like), we just have to put the surveys and pencils on the chairs, with large gold stars. Cake. And to top it off, we get PAID to do this. Ok, let me get this straight. You not only will let me see a Broadway show for free, when it would normally cost, oh, $75-$100 for the seats, but you're going to PAY me to stand around for 30 minutes and collect surveys?
And let me just say, I had an absolute blast, and it was seriously the most *fun* show I've seen, maybe ever. Just plain ol silly, goofy, fun. Not like Jersey Boys fun where you know all the songs (cause that was certainly fun)... just ridiculous, side-splitting funny with crazy costumes, fun dancing, and unbelievable voices to go along with it. IE- my favorite type of shows.
Oh, and so before the show as we're just hanging out in the empty Broadway theatre, watching the actors coming in, practicing dance steps, you know, the usual... and the one guy, and by one guy, I mean Edward Hibbert (maybe you've seen a show he did- Frasier) talked to me. :) Wanted to know what super cool people would be putting such super cool pieces of yellow paper on the red velvet chairs with gold stars. Sahweet.
Actually, he said, "What are those papers on the chairs?" But it sounds cooler when I leave that part out. I mean, there was more after that... kind of...
Anyhow, the show was phenominal, I am most certainly going back and will actually pay to see it. Unless of course another surveying opportunity comes along...
We exited the show apparently at the same time as the Cigar Afficionado conference was being let out... And let me tell you, someone should do a demographic survey on THAT group. All I have to say is, Wow. Only in New York.

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