Friday, November 17, 2006

"In the City"

So I am incredibly fortunate to have made the most amazing friends here in NYC. Across the boards, just stellar people. In particular, my "foursome" here. The reason this entry is entitled "in the city" is because one night we were getting TastiD and walking around the Upper East Side and I commented that I felt like we could totally be in an episode of Sex and the City- four working females out and about, taking Manhattan by storm, and just making the most of our time here. Just minus the sex. To which Emily replied, "So that would just make us 'in the city.'" And that has basically been our mantra. In the city. And whatever that connotes or entails, we're there.
So this entry is just a tribute to my girls. Alexandria, Emily, and Megan. In 3 short months we have all had our fair share of ups and downs, but we've been there for one another, and I look forward to many many more dinners, dances, emails, laughter, movies, shows, concerts, church events, support, and love. Here are just a few pictures from our many adventures together...

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