Thursday, December 07, 2006

Anonymous Comments

I just received an "Anonymous" comment on my recent post concerning my iPod. It was rather amusing, and I would like to give credit to the author for his or her witty remark. However, I cannot do so because it was left anonymously. Several comments of this anonymous nature have been left on my blog, and I'm never really a fan of such things, because I think, if you're going to post something out there, own up to it. Don't hide behind anonymity. Particularly if it's funny. I mean, I can understand the anonymousness if you go on a diatribe about how much you hate me/my blog/my writing/something random and completely uncalled for, but hey, if it's not something like that, then why not put your name on it? So praise for the anonymous commenter on my iPod entry, and thanks in advance to future posters who put their name out their for the world to see.

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