Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My iPod

I love my iPod.
This may or may not be directly related to the fact that I got my iPod for free on
Regardless, my 20gig old-school iPod has served me well in the past two years. None of this color-screen or video business, just a normal iPod that stores all my music and plays my songs.
In light of the fact that for some unknown reason my iPod just stopped working yesterday, I wanted to write a blog entry about this great piece of craftmanship. Yes, it just died. No idea.
But I'm sad.
Two solid years of having all of my music at my fingertips, and now it is gone. Thank goodness I didn't buy a new case for it, because I seriously was about to replace the old crappy thing that is currently protecting my darling iPod. I did, however, just buy new headphones 2 weeks ago.
But I digress.
I never named my iPod. Some people name their techology, Justin being a prime example. He has names for nearly every inanimate object he owns, particularly technology. His iPod is named after his brother. I considered naming mine but decided against it. Maybe had she had a name she would have had a reason to live longer.
The other thing I was thinking about today in my mourning process is the Shuffle feature. There is nothing quite so exhilarating as hearing Abba's Dancing Queen followed by a Chopin Nocturne followed by Sisqo's Thong Song. Oh the beauty of this little device.
Now, however, I must decide how to proceed. I've never had to pay the exhorbitant amounts of money these little buggers go for, nor have I had to consider the myriad of options that exist in the realm of mp3 players. The sheer number of options may paralyze me and lead to inaction. However, my desire to have music playing at all times while building Excel Models and Power Point slide decks at work may force me to make a decision.
Maybe I'll just talk to one of my techie friends and get their opinion. A Maven if you will... oh how much The Tipping Point has taught me.
I will miss you, my 20gig iPod. It has been a great run.
Deep breath.
Ready, set, go.

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Anonymous said...

Being somewhat familiar with Boroque artists, I am having difficulting recalling any examples of works by Sisqo. If it is no trouble, please recite several stanzas for my refreshment.

Thanking you in advance.

Your wounded iPod.