Monday, December 25, 2006

Dreams in Abundance

I don't sleep so well anywhere as in my childhood bed. I come home and just pass out for 10 and 12 hours at a time. And naps- oh man, we're talking 2 and 3 hours at a time. It's glorious.

But the craziest thing since I've been home for Christmas is all the dreams I've been having! Here are just a few of the best ones:
1) I got to my senior year in high school and the school had no record of me completing kindergarten so I had to go back and do it. And I had to sit in those little tiny chairs with, oh right SIX YEAR OLDS, and color and play connect-the-dots.
2) I wanted one of these really good muffins that we have at home, but we only had 2 halves left and my mom said she was saving them for herself. Like full out, would NOT let me have them. My argument was that she had had 6 of the 8, so why couldn't I just have half of one? My dad told me that technically half of one half was his, so I could have that. A man of reason.
3) I went to Philly to visit Rick in the hospital and was walking around Penn's campus and there was a new gelato store that opened basically in Williams Hall on the Spruce street side- there were loads of stores just in that side of the building, and it was the weirdest thing... but I wasn't sure if I should eat any, cause I wanted to go for a run... because it was, oh right, 70 degrees in December and I thought it would be great to get in a run while I was there and embrace the warm weather. Right.
4) I went to see Drew in Radio City, and I was with my girls from NYC and Drew told us we could be in the show with him if we just learned the choreography. And the last number was 76 Trombones (yes, like from The Music Man, what we did our senior year in high school), and he was carrying this ENORMOUS cardboard trombone. And wearing some kind of bunny costume. And teaching us the dance.
5) I was hanging out in someone's dorm room somewhere, watching TV at midnight, with Alexandria and Reid and I think a few other people were there, but I don't know who- and trying to decide if we wanted to go to a country music concert. At midnight. But we just sat watching tv and Xandria goes, "I'm going to laugh if we're still sitting here at 2am and had done nothing because we're just that lazy."
6) I had a party at my new house and had intended for it just to be a few people but then dozens and dozens of people showed up- bringing all kinds of food and drinks, people I wasn't really friends with in high school, and people all the way down to my brother's grade. And my yard suddenly was some crazy big yard that isn't really how my yard is here, and people were dancing, there was music coming from all these speakers, people were cooking hamburgers, and it was just a grand 'ole party. Perhaps the best part was that Justin showed up and he was wearing a blue and tan argyle shirt with a blue tie and tan sweater over it, with some crazy hipster jeans. I wish I could have a print out picture of that moment in my dream.
7) I wanted to swim laps at the YMCA but the Milton swim team (the neighboring town) was practicing, and the coach was Kathy Hillard, my high school soccer coach slash elementary school gym teacher, also known as Coach Hitler. She refused to let me swim laps even though all of the people there were swimming laps. So I just jumped in the pool, but she physically tried to restrain me, by, oh right, kicking and splashing me. So what did I do? Went to my high school and reported her to the principal. Clearly.
And the best dream of all...
8) I was watching a beauty pageant on tv of French and Spanish girls. But then I got invited to participate. And it took place in what looked very much like the auditorium where we performed all our high school musicals. Only, I had been on vacation and so I wasn't prepared to be in a beauty pageant. First was the swim suit portion, and all I had was this tankini type thing that was, oh yes, silver and glittery. And it was kind of a short flowy skirt too. And when I looked around to see everyone else dressing, thinking everyone else would have on skimpy bikinis, EVERYONE had on glittery silver and gold stuff like me. But then I realized that I had put on my sunscreen unevenly while laying out, and I had HUGE red blotches all over my legs. Clearly not good for a beauty pageant. So I went around asking the pageant crew if they had any spray-on tanner or anything to fix it, and who did I run into but House, yes from the TV show. I was with my former coworker Gretchen at this point, and House said he recognized us from when he signed an autograph for us a few months before. And in fact he remembered her name, which was soooo cool. Then House morphed into Jack Bauer, and he took off his sunglasses and asked me to hold them. So I did. And then he said I could keep them if I gave him mine. Um, sounds like a deal to me! But I still really needed to take care of my red splotches, so I had to leave, because he didn't have anything to help me. Priorities people, priorities.

And to think these are my dreams as a sober sane person. That may now be called into question.

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preethi said...

I'm so jealous Jack Bauer got to be in your dream/you got to keep his sunglasses. I was also extremely entertained by the bunny costume. I'm shocked you remembered these in such vivid detail.